Han van de GraafAbout Han

I am Han van de Graaf, born January 9, 1949 in Heiloo, North-Holland, The Netherlands. I have worked as a teacher, head teacher, trainer and organizational and IT consultant. Then I volunteered as leisure and working in the field of automation, webdesign, photography and as volunteer at Humanitas, I was also a volunteer driver on the local ‘Hugohopper’ bus. 
Since 2019 I live in Finland. In the middle of know-here. Surrounded by forest and lakes. My ‘dream place’.

I try to enjoy, as much of my free time under the motto : carpe diem!
Since August 2014 I have a dog “Leika“. I adopted her from a shelter in Poland. She’s a cross between a Labrador and a White Swiss Shepherd. In 2019 I adopted Lumi from the same shelter, as a play mate for Leika.