Bird information – Birds in The Netherlands

In the Netherlands there are many birds. Some species that were rare and shy for many years you now can see them a lot, also on busy places. Other species that were previously seen much, are much less to be seen now. On the subsequent pages is a summary of birds which are quite common. You can see it making a choice from the birds below.

Bergeend - Common ShelduckCommon Shelduck Blauwe Reiger - Grey HeronGrey Heron Boerenzwaluw - Barn SwallowBarn Swallow Boomklever - Eurasian NuthatchEurasian Nuthatch Boomkruiper - Short-toed Tree-CreeperShort-toed Treecreeper Brandgans - Barnacle GooseBarnacle Goose Ekster - MagpieMagpie
Fazant - Common PheasantCommon Pheasant Fitis - Willow WarblerWillow Warbler Fuut - Great Crested GrebeGreat Crested Grebe Grasmus - Greater WhitethroatGreater Whitethroat Groene Specht - Green WoodpeckerGreen Woodpecker Groenling - GreenfinchGreenfinch Grote Bonte Specht - Great Spotted WoodpeckerGr. Spotted Woodpecker
Grutto - Black-tailed GodwitBlack-tailed Godwit Heggemus / Hedge AccentorHedge Accentor Houtduif - Wood PigeonWood Pigeon Huismus - House SparrowHouse Sparrow Huiszwaluw - Common House MartinCommon House Martin Kauw - JackdawJackdaw Kievit - Northern LapwingNorthern Lapwing
Kleine karekiet - Eurasian Reed WarblerEurasian Reed Warbler Kleine mantelmeeuw - Lesser Black-backed GullLesser Black-baked Gull
Kluut - AvocetAvocet Koekoek - Common CuckooCommon Cuckoo Kokmeeuw - Black-headed GullBlack-headed Gull Koolmees - Great TitGreat Tit Kramsvogel - FieldfareFieldfare
Lepelaar - Eurasian SpoonbillSpoonbill Meerkoet - Common CootCommon Coot Merel - BlackbirdBlackbird Ooievaar - White StorkWhite Stork Koolmees - Great TitBlue Tit Putter - GoldfinchGoldfinch Ransuil - Long-eared OwlLong-eared owl
Ringmus - Eurasian Tree SparrowEurasian Tree Sparrow Roodborst - European RobinEuropean Robin Scholekster - Common OystercatcherCommon Oystercatcher Spreeuw - StarlingStarling Tjiftjaf - ChiffchaffChiffchaff Tuinfluiter - Garden WarblerGarden Warbler Turkse Tortel - Collared DoveCollared Dove
Vink - ChaffinchChaffinch Waterhoen - Common MoorhenCommon Moorhen Wielewaal - Golden OrioleGolden Oriole Wilde Eend - MallardMallard Winterkoning - Northern WrenNorthern Wren Witte kwikstaart - White WagtailWhite Wagtail Zanglijster - Song ThrushSong Thrush
Zilvermeeuw - Herring GullHerring Gull Knobbelzwaan - Mute SwanMute Swan Zwarte Specht - Black WoodpeckerBlack Woodpecker Zwartkop - BlackcapBlackcap